Cocoon Blocks

Core Samples

Extra Samples - Samples of additional core functionality and components (the main samples are in the core-samples-main block).
Core Samples - Samples of the most important core concepts and components.

Input Data Formats

HTML Block - Example usages of HTML Block components.
Midi Block - This demonstrates generation of XMidi (an XML representation of MIDI) from MIDI files.
QDox Block - Javadoc-like parsing of Java source code files using QDox.
SLOP Block - Examples showing how to use SLOP (the Simple Line Oriented Parser) to parse text files
SLOP Block: YAPT Presentation Tool - Yet Another Presentation Tool! Uses simple structured ASCII files to quickly create XML-based presentations
ASCII Art Block - Plain text files with character-based artwork or diagrams are converted to SVG XML. Resulting SVG then presented in various formats, such as plain ext, JPEG, PNG images with the help of Batik block.
POI Block - You want to process excel sheets? Here we go ...

Output Data Formats

FOP Block - Examples of PDF document generation using previous generation FOP library (version 0.20.5). Use FOP NG block for latest FOP release.
Midi Block - This demonstrates serialization of XMidi (an XML representation of MIDI) into MIDI files.
Batik Block - XML files in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format are converted to images in different formats, such as JPG, PNG.
POI Block - You want to produce excel sheets? Here we go ...
iText Block - Examples of PDF document generation using iText.

Templates And Server Pages

BSF Block - Examples using scriptable generators and actions.
Template Block - Cocoon Template is the best of page template technologies offered in Cocoon and it is recommended for all new projects.
XSP Block - Extensible Server Pages, or XSP, is an XML based compiled server pages technology, comparable to JSP.
Velocity Block - Examples of generation using Velocity.
JSP Block - Java Server Pages (JSP) usage with Cocoon
Ajax Block - Ajax block examples. This block is also used by Cocoon Forms.

Application Flow Controllers

Apples Block - Apples is an alternative control flow implementation.

Application Frameworks

Session Framework Block - This is a demo of the session framework integrated into Cocoon.
Authentication Framework Block - Cocoon Authentication Framework examples (deprecated, use Cocoon Auth Block instead).
Auth Block - This is a demo of the authentication framework integrated into Cocoon.
Portal Block - This is a demo of the powerful portal engine based on Apache Cocoon. Make sure that you have installed the portlet api 1.0 (e.g. in commons/lib for Tomcat or WEB-INF/lib for Jetty).
Forms Block - Cocoon Forms examples.

Backend Components

Lucene Block - Examples showing use of Apache Lucene to search.
Mail Block - Continue to mail block samples.
Web3 Block - Continue to Web3 block samples.
Cron Block - Execute background tasks once or schedule for periodic execution with the help of Quartz based scheduler.
Event Cache Block - A sample demonstrating a new system of cache invalidation based on events usually external to Cocoon. Example uses include cache content until a back-end database is updated, or EJB signals an update.


Databases Block - Continue to databases block samples.

Data Transformation And Validation

HTML Block - Example usages of HTML Block components.
Image Effects - Image Effects to be applied to images.
Validation Block - Example usages of XML Validation.
STX Block - Examples of using Streaming Transformations for XML (STX)
LinkRewriter Block - A demo of the LinkRewriterTransformer, which rewrites XML links (by default, href attributes) with values looked up from any Input Module.


JCR Block - Java Content Repository (JSR-170) samples.

Tutorials And Sample Applications

Petstore Block - The Cocoon Flow version of the J2EE PetStore, using various presentation mechanisms: CocoonForms (Woody), Velocity, XSP, Jexl.
Supersonic Tour of Cocoon - Introduction and quick overview of the Cocoon Power Trio (Pipelines, Flow, Forms)

Unsorted And Miscellaneous

CAPTCHA Block - Example usages of CAPTCHAs.
Query Bean Block - Examples showing the use of Apache Lucene with CForms to search.
Scratchpad Block - Here you find the samples about the functionality included in the scratchpad, which is the place where new stuff is developed but not yet considered stable enough for production.

Web And Services

Proxy Block - Web Site Syndication using proxies: Integrate remote webapp functionality into your website.
Axis Block - Examples using Apache Axis to give access to Cocoon via SOAP.
WebDAV Block - Using WebDAV with Cocoon